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I ask, therefore I recieve.

2008-12-27 15:08:25 by Skwisgaar

So I've always wanted to stay away from these god forsaken forums.
No matter how hard I tried, I could not leave.
So I asked for a late christmas present.
I asked for a year long ban. My wish has been granted ^.^
See you in 12/27/09!!

I ask, therefore I recieve.

Im bored...

2008-12-20 11:12:23 by Skwisgaar

Yea...bored...been playing super metroid recently on my psp....Stiiiiiiiiiiiill bored.

Long way to go....

2008-11-23 09:14:23 by Skwisgaar

Okay, so there are 365 days in a year right?
So my sign up date being 12/31/06 *weird, dont remeber signing up on that day*
So thats 365 days plus, the remainder of this year, which is 38 more days. so...
365 - 38 + 365 = 692
As of today I need to reach 692 post to make my damn post count at least 1 for every day...better get working!

Oh... And fuck the Kitty Krew for trashing my god damn whistle...

First Post....

2008-09-29 15:47:18 by Skwisgaar

Guess I'de like to say this is my first post...Uhh...Lets see....I currently like to DJ and Play Guitar...I use Fruitly Loops and Traktor. I have 2 Stanton Belt Drive turntables *i know...belt...* And i plan on getting Final Scratch. As for my guitar, I use an Ibanez Gio *its okay* and a pretty nice Marshall Amp...I currently work for Dell Tech Support, I am not those crazy India guys you get all the time, I due business with the higher end coporations. Pretty much I'm the IT Departments IT Department lol. Anyways......Yea......